Barclays has launched a fund of funds that invests in a global range of multi-asset ‘impact’ investment strategies

According to a Barclays survey, around 56% of investors said they were interested in impact investing – yet only 9% had committed to the sector.

Barclays director of impact investment Damian Payiatakis said: ‘We see the growing trend of impact investing being driven by many factors, including a demand from investors who are socially and environmentally conscious and want their investments to reflect their attitudes.

‘Our objective, therefore, has been to develop a new and innovative approach that will make impact investing accessible for those looking into these products for the first time.’

The Ucits fund will have a management fee of 0.5% and underlying fund costs of 0.77%, which they estimate should result in an ongoing charge of 1.4%. Management fees will be discounted 50% off in the first 12 months, yielding an initial charge of 1.17% for early bird investors.